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D-Cipher Marketing
Is Here For You.

D-Cipher is here to help you with whatever it takes to connect with your audience and stay active in the market, giving you time to focus on the important stuff.  

Our Services

Just Say The Word, We Can Do It All!

Web Design & Development

Ensure your audience is getting the best experience and you get the best results. 


Make sure your customers can find you easily by optimising your site for google results.

Graphic Design​​

Make your brand pop with stunning visuals created by our tallented network of creatives.

Google Ads

Get your Google Ads singing with custom campaign management.

Email Marketing

Create and share relevant content for your audience that drives conversions.


Make sure all your systems are working together to help you achieve your goals.

Social Media​​ Marketing

Don't have the time to plan, create and promote social media content? Let us take care of it.


What makes your market tick? Is your current approach the best approach? We can find out.

Everything In-Between!

Our extensive network of freelance experts means that if you can dream it, we can build it.

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About Us

Get To Know Us

D-Cipher Marketing is a place that small-medium businesses can turn to for marketing and design resource they can rely on – without the commitment of hiring someone full time. Our platform pairs the right creative individual with the right project to achieve a better outcome for both freelancers and busy business owners.

It is our belief that when people have the freedom to play to their strengths the results will speak for themselves.

D-Cipher Marketing was founded by Andrew Dixon. As a marketer and designer, he’s watched clients struggle to stay on top of their marketing efforts when business-as-usual is already so time-consuming. He founded D-Cipher on the belief that if people have the freedom to play to their strengths the results will speak for themselves. Therefore, pairing the right creative with the right project is a better outcome for both them and busy business owners.

How Can D-Cipher Help You?

Whether you’re a small businesses owner and need some work outsourced or done at a good rate, we are here to understand your needs and get you the best solutions at the best prices.

We Scale As You Need

Unlike an in-house marketing team, you can ramp up and down as you need – and we’ll ensure the activity you have underway aligns with your business objectives.

A Huge Pool Of Talent

Whether you’re after a trusted partner to run your marketing engine for you, or simply a space where you can tap into a pool of talented creatives, D-cipher has you covered.

Do What You Do Best

No job is too big or too small. What matters is that our clients trust us to do the jobs they need done – so it’s not distracting them from the work they actually need to do.

The Right Solution

Each business is unique and so are our packages. You won't find any preset design packages here, we tailor everything from go to woah so you get the best deal.

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