Graphic Design Projects

The following is a quick sample of some of our favourite projects, we will be releasing detailed case studies of each very shortly. In the meantime, if a project takes your interest and you’d like to know more just let us know and we are happy to share more samples of our work.

Off Grid Design

Project Description: 

Off-Grid Design is a Christchurch-based architecture company specialising in meticulously planned and executed buildings (primarily residential) in some of NZ’s more remote locations.

The owner describes his project approach as “pretty old school”, and we agreed that the logo should reflect that. This is why we chose a mixture of a classic sans-serif font for the words “off-grid” and a “new style” sans-serif for the word “design”, using strong elements from both the old and new – just how he does in this work.

The icon is a combination of the letters O+D+G overlapping, it also resembles a door in an architectural drawing – representing an invitation into the business.

FitEx 2021

FitEx Lite

NZ Premium Homes

Project Description: 

Ruoxi & Dickson (A.K.A NZ Premium Homes) are a power couple on the Auckland residential real-estate scene. They focus on marketing and a data-driven approach as their main point of difference.

The icon in the logo loosely resembles an “@” – with the “experience the difference” type providing the starting point as that is the core of their business. 

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